snippetexpanderx - Snippet Expander auto expand daemon


Save your often used text snippets and then expand them whenever you type their abbreviation.

For example:- "ser`" expands to "Snippet Expander rules!"

The auto expand daemon works with accessible applications to automatically expand snippets as you type their abbreviation.


snippetexpander [--start] [--stop] [--status] [-v|--version] [-h|--help]


If no options are given, the expander is started.


Start the auto expand daemon.


Stop the auto expand daemon.


Display status of the Snippet Expander auto expand daemon, exits with status 0 if running, 1 if not.

-v, --version

Display version number.

-h, --help

Display help.


You probably don't want to manually run snippetexpanderx, it's best to start it via the snippetexpander CLI or snippetexpandergui desktop client applications.


  • Auto-expansion only works on accessible applications, use the shortcut to open the search and paste window for other applications such as browsers and Electron based apps.
  • Auto-expansion does not work in terminals, but the shortcut method works with terminals that accept Ctrl+v for paste such as the elementary OS terminal. Holding Shift while selecting a snippet from the search and paste window usually pastes into a terminal too.
  • The cursor placeholder is not supported when using the shortcut method rather than auto-expansion.


snippetexpander(1) snippetexpanderd(1) snippetexpandergui(1) snippetexpander-placeholders(5)


Created and maintained by Ian Jones <>. Up-to-date sources can be found at Information on how to contribute and where bug reports and feature requests may be submitted can be found on the project page at